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商品基本信息 文怡详情页-750-_03.jpg
Product number: TE8DMZ375
fabric composition: Fabric 1: Wool Fabric 2: Nylon
Fabric origin: import
Washing and maintenance: not machine washable, not washable, not bleached, spread out to dry. The soleplate temperature is ≤110 °C. Regular dry cleaning.
小虫说 文怡详情页-750-_05.jpg

Italian high-end yarn

1. Imagine yarn:

Made of high quality chao fine merino wool, the strip feels clear, the whole woven piece is relatively light but not lost, soft and not lost. Moreover, the yarn is elastic, good in warmth, good in breathability, comfortable to wear, and very good in body.

2. Kristen Stretchshi feather yarn:

Feather yarn feels smooth, and with the combination of merino wool, the style is very special. The hair is full, the color is full and rich, and the fabric is in a moving and quiet state, showing a long-lasting luster, agility and texture.

Age-reducing baseball sweater style fur texture

Simple three-dimensional cut, soft and rich feather yarn, and very lazy taste in autumn and winter, the hair is rich and dense, full of dynamic, walking, smart and interesting, and natural luster, compared with ordinary yarn, it can highlight the texture. The high level that can be perceived by light, touched like cotton candy, has a fluffy degree, and the fabric is not loose.

The round neck sweater style is easier to control than the average fur. It has the leisure of a sweater and the gorgeous sense of fur. The upper body is elegant and generous. It has a flavor and is warm and fashionable. With a drop-shoulder design, petite women can enjoy the gentleness of being wrapped.

A swing skirt cover the thick legs

A swing skirtIt can be said that it is matched with an artifact. It can basically match any top, and it can also cover the shortcomings of the lower body. The problem of wide or thick legs can be well concealed. And the length of the calf, the length is suitable, the small one can also try hard, the thickness that can be worn in autumn and winter, with the middle of the boots, but also a little handsome, soft and rich feather yarn, and very lazy taste of autumn and winter, The hairs are rich and dense, and they are dynamic, walking, interesting and natural, and they are more reflective than ordinary yarns.

Soft and comfortable, skin-friendly

The yarn from Italy, the fabric feels soft and skin-friendly, the inside is a uniform weave, with a woven smoothness, the upper body is not skin-friendly, and the body feels great, it is a high-end buyer's entry unit: cm

尺码表格 文怡详情页-750-_11--商品属性_03.jpg
Version index Thickness index
Tight Slim fit Fit Slightly loose Loose thin Slightly thin Moderate Thick Thicken
Length index Elastic index
ultrashort Slightly shorter Moderate Medium length Extra long No bombs Micro-bomb Moderate High elasticity Super bomb
尺码表格 文怡详情页-750-_11--商品尺码_03.jpg
coat Length bust Shoulder width Sleeve Length Sleeve width cuff
 文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg
S 52 98 / 63 30 16
M 53.5 102 / 64 31.5 17
L 55 106 / 65 33 18
XL 56.5 110 / 66 34.5 19

Half skirt After the middle length Hip circumference Waist circumference (with elastic) Hem
 文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg
S 65.5 / 60 132
M 67 / 64 136
L 68.5 / 68 140
XL 70 / 72 144
试穿体验 文怡详情页-750-_13.jpg
Height/weight Three dimensions Shoulder width Normal yardage Try on the number of yards Try on feeling
 文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg
晗晗 159/47 80/68/89 36 S S

The length of the clothes is to the hips, the body is loose, the middle waist, the skirt is longer than the calf, the skirt is loose, the fabric is warm and comfortable, and the skin is worn tightly and loosely.

Xiaohong 164/53 85/72/92 37 M M

The length of the clothes is up to the hips, the body is loose, the skirt is longer than the calf, the elastic waist is thick, the texture is thick, warm and comfortable, and loose.

Yan Jie 171/61 88/76/96 38 L L

The length of the clothes is up to the hips, the body is loose, the skirt is long to the calf, the skirt is loose, and the body shape is included. The yarn is soft and not tied, and the upper body is loose and not fat.

Tips: Because each body type and dressing habits are different, the actual body effect will prevail.

搭配建议 文怡详情页-750-_16.jpg
搭配130X170_TE8DMZ375.jpg 搭配130X170_TE8DMZ386S.jpg 搭配130X170_TE8DX6009.jpg
 文怡详情页-750-_19mix_11.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_19mix_11.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_19mix_11.jpg

模特示范 文怡详情页-750-_26.jpg
MM height 176cm bust 80cm waist 60cm hip 89cm
Due to the weather, light, display color difference, etc., please refer to the physical details.

实物细节图 文怡详情页-750-_31.jpg
Product attribute
Clothing door Sleeve
Clothing version Loose
collar other
Combination a piece
Fabric wool
Ingredient content above 95
Length Conventional
Listed year/season Winter of 2018
pattern Solid color
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Sleeve Type conventional
Style Sleeve
style street
Suitable age 30-34 years old
thickness thick

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