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商品基本信息 文怡详情页-750-_03.jpg
product name: Small insects 18-pin seamless knitting gold and silver small round neck slim wool knit bottoming shirt women
fabric composition: Wool nylon polyester film
Fabric origin: China
Washing and maintenance:Do not wash, do not bleach, spread out to dry. The soleplate temperature is ≤110 °C. Regular dry cleaning.
小虫说 文怡详情页-750-_05.jpg

Seamlessly knitted, this is also a big family.

It is the ace of the small insect shop!

The new worms who came to the wormhole for the first time, others can not accept,

But the seamless knitting of the bugs is sure to enter!

China's Zui's professional seamless knitting factory has always been the pride of the wormhole.

Seamless is that the whole piece of clothing is made of one yarn.

No seams, it can be said that your di two-layer skin,


- bugs

.....................copywriting division........................

Seamless knit filigree series:

This page is recommended:Slim-fit round neck sweater

A lot of insects ask what is different between the two.

This belongs toSlim round neck,

useSame color systemPlusLongitudinal pit weave,

The upper body is very prominent, and the visual inspection can be 1-2 yards.

black,Navy blueYarn insideBlinking blingbling,

Like the Milky Way in the vast universe, the stars filled with the night sky,

Very beautiful, low-key and bright light makes the temperament sublimate.

The body is covered with a high-density color, and the sweep is dull.

Intense color and high saturation


If you want to be low-key, there are also elegantLavender purpleselect,

Low-saturation color, with a playful and elegant girly temperament, romantic and gentle.

Fully formed seamless knitting

FromJapan Island Fine's Whole-Garment seamless weaving technology,

18-pin seamless weave, cuffs,Hem,

All are original sequels, in one go, very neat, delicate texture.

Seamless products are not stitched, in side seams, shoulders, underarms, etc.
There are no extra sutures for higher fit and comfort.

The garment is no longer subject to elastic constraints due to the presence of sutures.

Fabric isWool, nylon, polyester fiber film,

Light and soft, the upper body is breathable and comfortable.

Fine pit texture, relatively large elasticity,

The texture of the yarn is thin and flexible.

Whether wearing alone or as a base, it is a very dazzling presence.

Wool cashmere knitwear, due to its properties, pilling is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem, to avoid friction with hard objects, daily need to pay more attention to care.
商品尺码 文怡详情页-750-_11.jpg
Please refer to the following product size comparison table to help you find the right size. Manual measurement of the tile size may directly differ from the actual size by 1-2cm. Please understand and know in advance, thank you! Unit: cm
尺码表格 文怡详情页-750-_11--商品属性_03.jpg
Version index Thickness index
Tight Slim fit Fit Slightly loose Loose thin Slightly thin Moderate Thick Thicken
Length index Elastic index
ultrashort Slightly shorter Moderate Medium length Extra long No bombs Micro-bomb Moderate High elasticity Super bomb
尺码表格 文怡详情页-750-_11--商品尺码_03.jpg
Shoulder width bust Sleeve Length Sleeve cuff Length
 文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg
S 28.5 59 59 19 15 56
M 29.5 63 60 20 16 57
L 30.5 67 61 twenty one 17 58
XL 31.5 71 62 twenty two 18 59
试穿体验 文怡详情页-750-_13.jpg
Height/weight Three dimensions Shoulder width Normal yardage Try on the number of yards Try on feeling
 文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_14_09.jpg
晗晗 159/47 80/68/89 36 S S

The length of the garment is up to the hips, the shoulders are suitable, the bust is suitable, the wearing is comfortable and not tight, and the body is slim.

Xiaohong 164/53 85/72/92 37 M M

The length of the clothes is up to the hips, the shoulders are suitable, the bust is suitable, the body is worn and not worn, and the body is slim.

Yan Jie 171/61 88/76/96 38 L L

The length of the garment is up to the hips, the shoulders are suitable, the bust is suitable, the fabric is soft and elastic, and the body is worn.

Tips: Because each body type and dressing habits are different, the actual body effect will prevail.

搭配建议 文怡详情页-750-_16.jpg
搭配130X170_TE8DBQ074.jpg 搭配130X170_TE8QK1065.jpg 搭配130X170_TE8QK1046.jpg
 文怡详情页-750-_19mix_11.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_19mix_11.jpg  文怡详情页-750-_19mix_11.jpg

模特示范 文怡详情页-750-_26.jpg
Demonstration picture wearing S code
MM height 170cm bust 85cm waist 61cm hip 91cm
Due to the weather, light, display color difference, etc., please refer to the physical details.

实物细节图 文怡详情页-750-_31.jpg
Product attribute
Clothing door Sleeve
Clothing version Slim fit
collar Half height round neck
Combination a piece
Fabric wool
Ingredient content 81% (inclusive) -90% (inclusive)
Length Conventional
Listed year/season Winter of 2018
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Style Sleeve
thickness Thin section

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