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商品基本信息 文怡详情页-750-_03.jpg
product name: Little worm merino wool heavy work hanging parrot black and white striped sweater
fabric composition: Wool
Fabric origin: Import
Washing and maintenance: Do not wash, do not bleach, spread out to dry. The soleplate temperature is ≤110 °C. Regular dry cleaning.
小虫说 文怡详情页-750-_05.jpg
There are not many designers.
Classic black and white stripes, thick horizontal strips bring a sense of style.
But if it's a simple stripe, it's too shameful.
The designer embroidered a large parrot on the stripe.
This parrot uses a hanging technique and is very very heavy.
The surface fluff is soft and delicate, smooth and neat, and full of luster.
Position the embroidered parrot first, then weave the wool a little bit.
And the parrots have as many as seven colors.
It is necessary to constantly change the weaving thread to slowly complete the hanging process of the whole parrot.
The process is complex, the process is numerous, time-consuming and waste.
The effect is vivid and vivid.
The color is exquisite and beautiful, and it is very high-grade.
Selected merino wool yarn for fabrics,
Wool is a fixed yarn,
Preferred length fineness raw materials,
The yarn has a high quality texture and exquisite texture.
Skin-friendly, soft to the touch, good warmth.

Gentle boat collar, fashion drop rotator cuffs,
The loose silhouette is comfortable to wear and the meat is slim.
The entire version is very young and ageless, not picking people.
It’s very cute to wear alone, and it’s done in winter.
Take off your coat and it won't look dull and keep it fashionable.
—Editor: JJ
Wool cashmere knitwear, due to its properties, pilling is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem, to avoid friction with hard objects, daily need to pay more attention to care.
商品尺码 文怡详情页-750-_11.jpg
Please refer to the following product size comparison table to help you find the right size. Manual measurement of the tile size may directly differ from the actual size by 1-2cm. Please understand and know in advance, thank you.

Product attribute
Clothing door Sleeve
Clothing version Loose
collar Low round neck
Combination a piece
Fabric wool
Ingredient content above 95
Length Medium and long section
Listed year/season Winter 2017
pattern animal picture
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Sleeve Type conventional
Style Sleeve
style Commuting
Suitable age 30-34 years old
thickness conventional

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