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[Please refer to the size chart for the size of the purchase]

Product Name: [ZY158656AG] 挚爱大V-neck, small face, loose shoulders, loose and thin full cashmere pullover

Fabric composition: 100% cashmere

Available color: gray

Available sizes: S/36 M/38 L/40 XL/42

Product weight: M code grams weighs about 388 ± 10g(YI has a natural tolerance due to factors such as cashmere batch, air humidity, etc., color, size.)

Washing and maintenance:平铺晾晒/不可机洗/不可漂白/不可翻转干燥/低温水洗 /常规干洗

[笑涵阁]Brand---Editor: 02

It can be worn across three seasons a year, with high utilization rate, worn outside in spring and autumn, with jeans or skirts, winter can be used as

Inside, let your match look refined and GAO level, the color selection space is large, different colors can be changed

Type matching,

蕞 What's important is that your color is more subtle and softer than others, soft and smooth, whether it is 20 years old, 30 years old

It’s still 40 years old, the basic model that can be worn, and the annual BI preparation, especially in the weather when the cold air blows down, the lining

The shirt can't help but wear it, it will come in handy.

JI Jianfeng Architectural three-dimensional splicing cashmere sweater

大V领+撞色拼条 The face-lifting effect is immediate, the long hair, the neck is slender, and the temperament is improved. You naturally

Will buy moreMore V-necks, one-time completion of small face, swan neck, one-word clavicle, etc., high difficulty coefficient

VisionFeel the effect!

Loose casual version, large body capacity, everyone can control, and can be set inside the lining

Shirts, superimposed together warm and beautiful, a sense of intellectual temperament, people have to love.

Slightly falling shoulder sleeves,The body shape is modified without losing the taste of laziness and elegance. This aristocratic cashmere sweater is to be

It's easy to wear, no bondage, and the tight-fitting bottoming shirt is two different concepts.

Delicate touch, baby's skin is soft

We have always focused on the production of high-end textiles, the requirements for yarn are almost harsh, and cashmere has "soft yellow"

Gold is the name, and its texture can indeed match the high-grade title, it is soft, warm and light.

Surplus, which is unmatched by ordinary materials, is made from the inner layer of goat's fine fluff, processed and made into a single piece.

It is a selection of goats, soft and delicate, creamy touch, smooth and supple, even sensitive muscles

It doesn't feel uncomfortable to wear, and it doesn't stimulate the skin.

Wide-necked V-neck pullover sweaterLoose shoulder sleeves, the neckline is very radiant, low and not revealing, trimming the neck

Lines don't need to worry about going out.

Big cuffs, showing a casual attitude while grooming with its sense of generosityArm line.

Version index Softness index
Slim fit
Moderately loose
Length index Elastic index
Short paragraph
Medium length
Extra long
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Please refer to the following product size comparison table to help you find the right size. Manual measurement of the tile size may directly differ from the actual size by 1-2cm. Please understand and know in advance, thank you! Unit: cm



size chart Shoulder width Sleeve Length Cuff bust waistline Hip circumference Length -
XS code - - - - - - - -
S code 44 53 31 106 - - 59 -
M code 46 53.5 32 110 - - 60 -
L code 48 54 33 114 - - 61 -
XL code 50 54.5 34 118 - - 62 -
2XL code - - - - - - - -
3XL code - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
fashion elements:
V-neck, contrast stripes



Product attribute
Clothing door Sleeve
collar V-neck
Combination a piece
Commuting Simple
Fabric Cashmere
Ingredient content above 95
Length Conventional
Listed year/season Winter of 2018
pattern other
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Sleeve Type other
Style Sleeve
style Commuting
thickness conventional

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