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[Please refer to the size chart for the size of the purchase]

Product Name: [ZY158684AG] Xiaohan Pavilion Fashion Knitting Plum Red Wool Cashmere Collar Pullover

Fabric composition: 70% wool 30% cashmere

Optional color: rose red

Available sizes: S/36 M/36 L/40 XL/42



[笑涵阁]Brand---Editor: 02

18 autumn and winter strong push new color

1. From F*ENDI, the fabric components share the same DA, the same DNA, and the feel is also very flexible.

The counter price in GUO is 8K+;

2. DA brand new colors for autumn and winter, bright and uncommon plum red (wool and cashmere blended yarn, long spinning cycle), black and white

Interlaced stripes, bright but not kitsch, bunched up the belt, even in winter, you can have S curve, can not hide

Elegant elegance

Temperament collar

Widening the word collar, the beauty of the critical point, but within the safe range, weakening the shoulder width, a more pure version

Type, collar height and collar width are carefully measured, linear and smooth, bent a little or straight, are all lacking a breath.

The neckline is positioned to a 1/2 rib width, with the shoulder seam gradually moving down until it disappears, the stripe detail is stripped, the shoulder seam is set

The mouth is clean, it won't be worn or uncomfortable.

Big stripe strip

Sleeve bottom seams and side seams are designed with strips, and the factory has a workmanship. There are already nine black and white stripes in the stripe loop.

As many as it is, the splicing process is much more difficult than the common one. To grab the source, the tightness of each woven piece should be the same.

It is to improve the process difficulty. There are no details in the garment design, semi-finished products, and finished products.

One bright point is to make every smiley look confident.

Lengthening machine special belt

Good yarn and good version, of course, there must be a good process to match, lengthen machine special belt --- no

Seam, the cost is naturally rising; it is done in one breath, clean and neat, no need to hide, the belt is free on both sides

Use to avoid the seams

note:This paragraphWired on one side only. The waist and the waist of the human body have a curve, even if the belt is tightened, even if it is not

HaveThe thread will not slip down, and now many coats are also unlined, in order to look from the side and back.

AllTry to be as simple as possible. This is only added to the corner of the single-sided corner, the original F** Di is the case,

Such asIf you want to fix the position of the belt, a line is enough, and it will not look awkward.

Metal day ring, knit all-inclusive craft, stripes and belts are connected, ingenuity

Compared to the ordinary pure wool pullover, this texture is superior to the feel, smooth and loose texture is close to pure cashmere, and enjoy

The price of wool products. 70:30 such a matching yarn is rarely used by others, every product of the laughter

ofPricing is transparent enough! There is no good or bad product, the most important is the area that matches the level you expect.

No, this value has far exceeded the added value of 30% cashmere. Recommended for cashmere, favorite

A consumer of a single item.

Horizontal stripe belt wrapping technology, there is a bone shape

The cuffs hem open the edges and add playful little details. The back swing is slightly longer and the front swing, and the front and back gaps are more fashionable.

Gas field

Version index Softness index
Slim fit
Compact pine
Length index Elastic index
Short paragraph
Medium length
Extra long
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Please refer to the following product size comparison table to help you find the right size. Manual measurement of the tile size may directly differ from the actual size by 1-2cm. Please understand and know in advance, thank you! Unit: cm



size chart Shoulder width Sleeve Length Cuff bust waistline Hip circumference Front length Back length
XS code - - - - - - - -
S code 56 49 16 104 - - 55 63
M code 58 50 17 108 - - 56 64
L code 60 51 18 112 - - 57 65
XL code 62 52 19 116 - - 58 66
2XL code - - - - - - - -
3XL code - - - - - - - -
fashion elements:
0.22kg or so
Drop shoulder, contrast stripes, waist tie, (detachable), single waist hem, irregular hem, split ends (approx. 7CM)



Product attribute
Clothing door Sleeve
collar One word collar
Combination a piece
Commuting OL style
Fabric wool
Ingredient content 51% (inclusive) - 70% (inclusive)
Length Conventional
Listed year/season Autumn of 2018
pattern stripe
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Sleeve Type other
Style Sleeve
style Commuting
thickness conventional

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