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[Please refer to the size chart for the size of the purchase]

Product Name: [ZQ158853VG] High cost performance High weight! 700g is tall and thin! Cashmere hooded dress

Fabric composition: 100% cashmere

Available colors: blue black Chinese red

Available sizes: S/36 M/38 L/40 XL/42

Product weight: S code: 700 ± 15g(因用料批次、空气湿度等因素,存在YI定自然公差)

(含吊牌,不含防尘袋、标准发货 纸盒)

Note: Women's cashmere sweater, standard weight is 160-200 grams, for reference


[笑涵阁]Brand---Editor: 06

High displayThin cashmere skirtUp

The version is really needless to say, whoever looks good, color, this year, a bit like fog, blue, and

The color of the outer sleeve can be matched. Color like the type of praise! ! ! Wanmei's oneCashmere skirtClose your eyes and love

paragraph! ! !

What is cashmere?: Cashmere is the price of cashmere yarn on goats.Is all the yarn

Expensive, because she is light and soft and warm, it can be said that no yarn can keep warmer than her. So she is expensive

for"Soft gold.

Second: Why is this brand in our family defined as signature cashmere, because winter clothes are not cheap, everyone

Through the screen, you may only see beautiful pictures, you can't see the actual quality, there will always be some concerns when you buy them.

However, many customers buy the signature cashmere of our family every time, and the Philippines often recognizes the quality. Many customers say that they are only assured

Buying our sweaters, so everyone who signs the cashmere is more comfortable to buy.

Stir-fry, cost-effective, buy is to earn

Online selling cashmereThere are many homes,Our JUE pair is both price and quality, both of which are dominant.,

Because cashmereCome onVery expensive. So IWill adhere to good quality, and keep the price in a reasonable position, give

You are high price! Every year we are doing better efforts, just for word of mouth. Accept any inspection.

The more you understandGoodsThe more customers knowI bought cashmere in our house.More cost-effective [smirking], and each piece of cashmere will be marked

BrightGram weight,PricingNot a hole in the windI hope everyone buys at my house.The sweater can buy the rest assured.

Cashmere from Consinee, the comfort of the upper body is unquestionable, and the Mao-end cashmere yarn in Guo

The supplier, opened a few streets in the market generally cashmere. This year, the cashmere Quan line has risen in price. Fortunately, there is a laughter.

The price is locked before, and there is enough order to maintain such a good price. I am afraid that there is no strength.

They are sighing, and this year not only expensive yarns, but also the delivery of yarns are stretched, like such large yarn factories.

The delivery period for small and medium-sized buyers is up to 90 days, and there is no stocking in advance. I am afraid that when the clothes are actually made, they will come.

Spring is over. In this way, the VIP cooperation background can enjoy the "good price + priority yarn" treatment.

Slightly loose, the sweater-style pocket is very stylish. You can wear it with any short coat, long coat, long trench coat.

Short windClothing and the like.

It’s really a fighter in the classics~ This is the sure thing that every girl must accept in any case!

Version index Softness index
Slim fit
Moderately loose
Length index Elastic index
Short paragraph
Medium length
Extra long
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Please refer to the following product size comparison table to help you find the right size. Manual measurement of the tile size may directly differ from the actual size by 1-2cm. Please understand and know in advance, thank you! Unit: cm



size chart Shoulder width Sleeve Length Cuff bust waistline Hem Length -
XS code - - - - - - - -
S code - - 34 110 - 90 88 -
M code - - 35 114 - 94 89 -
L code - - 36 118 - 98 90 -
XL code - - 37 120 - 102 91 -
2XL code - - - - - - - -
3XL code - - - - - - - -
fashion elements:
Hooded, drawstring, kangaroo pocket

[笑涵阁]Brand---Visual Zhang-Pei


Product attribute
Clothing door Sleeve
Combination a piece
Commuting OL style
Fabric other
Ingredient content above 95
Material Cashmere
pattern Solid color
Skirt length Mid-length skirt
Skirt type other
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Sleeve Type other
Style Other /other
style Commuting
Waist type Mid waist
Year season Winter of 2018

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