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[Please refer to the size chart for the size of the purchase]

Product Name: [ZY158813VG] Warmth! JUE beauty new color twisted silk silk cashmere hooded sweater

Fabric composition: 75% cashmere 25% mulberry silk

Available colors: Berry Red / Light Gray

Available sizes: S/36M/38 L/40

Product weight: M code York weight 380g ± 15g(YI is subject to natural tolerance due to factors such as cashmere batch, air humidity, etc., color, size)

WaShing and maintenance:平铺晾晒/不可机洗/不可漂白/不可翻转干燥/低温水洗 /常规干洗

[笑涵阁]Brand---Editor: 02

It is not uncommon for a twister to make such a three-dimensional embossed sweater. Don’t worry about being old-faShioned.

The new style is rather young and faShionable.

Heavy-duty twisting process, Philippine often has a sense of rhythm using a needle-shaped rhombus, water rippled circular twisted weaving rendering retro

The emotions of the fans, the thickness and the density of the distribution are even and lively, and the needles and the lines are often used.


Be sure to recommend this big sweater

Cashmere silk, a yarn that is more expensive than cashmere, reallyPhilippine often happyFeeling warm

ShiFoot, Philippine often raises the skin color elegant and young, it is worth to start ~ fixed spinning color,纱期60-90天 while stocks last

篙 grade color -- temperament gray

篙 temperament, suitable for girls with a little intellectual and literary atmosphere, autumn and winter seasons and gray windbreaker coats with the same color

Wearing a class of yarn, the superb version instantly has a sense of ~~

The yarn is often soft and fits inside the silhouette jacket. It is also very beautiful.Real wear and beauty combined,set "Shu

TimelyFaShion is good looking"How can this fall and winter not love?

Great sacrifice! Warm as early, beautiful, new color, super heart water, BI purchase limited items

Retro mood, gentle and rustic two-color are all limited dyeing. Yarn period 60-90 Berry red This yarn is sold.

ImmediatelyStop this experienceIt’s a good feeling, it’s good.This year's sweaters are very different, twisted sweaters off

YingLaughing thinks about retro twistThe texture is gentle and rustic. Every inch of texture is different.

ArcThe touch is particularly soft and heavyPound goods, a big one, TE is not soft,This touch is more than full cashmere

Want beautyGood, and has a silky luster(This yarn price is 20% higher than the cashmere price)Heavy industry twister

art,Philippine often has a sense of rhythm using the needleThe rhombic lattice and the wavy circular twisted weave give a retro feeling.

CrudeFine, dense and evenly distributedSplaShing, a pin and a line of Philippine heart

75% cashmere 25% silk WAN beauty ratio

The new silk cashmere yarn is used by world famous brands, such as MAXM*RA, etc.

It’s more than 3,000, this one is a heavy item, it’s 3 times its weight.Laughing Philippine often pays attention to quality and uses

Natural fiber, comfortable and breathable, raw materials are very expensive, 75 cashmere+25 mulberry silk WAN beauty material ratio,

The beauty of the simple level is more connotation, but also has more foundation, cashmere and mulberrySilk texture is often delicate and has cashmere

The texture, as well as the luster of silk, big love (this yarn priceGebi full cashmere price is much higher)

The touch of the hand is soft and unbelievable, gently placing the cheeks and feeling the touch like a baby's skin.

Soft silk, which belongs to the kind that you don’t want to put down when you get it.

Micro oversize small box type, temperament has a tone

Hooded loose small box type, not close to the body, fit loose 篙 grade version, stylish and full of 慵

Lazy-sleeved sleeves and shoulders have no obvious dividing line. Visually stretch the arm length, soft shoulder line length

Also very suitable, very friendly for all the body

Heavy work twisted texture. This year's big sweater is popular with large and small flowers, Philippine is often online, computer technology is very talkative

This is a very heavy DA brand sweater, comparable to the tens of thousands of positioning

Zui love of "Cap Star Man"! Hooded designPractical and sleek, it looks casual and lively.

Autumn can be worn close to the body, soft and soft; when the winter is cold, it can be worn with a coat, it is the kind of gentle and gentle

Gentle twisting, personal addictive enjoyment, too gentle and beautiful, a pure cashmere that people love!

Warm and intertwined silk flowers, showing quality and work everywhereThe version is really good to wear, not picking people, everyone can

To wear well, stylish and versatile! With a high number of models, high practicality, good warmth! Come with a foreign

The gas looks very rich...

Version index Softness index
Slim fit
Moderately loose
Length index Elastic index
Short paragraph
Medium length
Extra long
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Please refer to the following product size comparison table to help you find the right size. Manual measurement of the tile size may directly differ from the actual size by 1-2cm. Please understand and know in advance, thank you! Unit: cm



size chart Shoulder width Sleeve Length Cuff bust waistline Hip circumference Length -
XS code - - - - - - - -
S code - 65 34 100 - - 60 -
M code - 66 35 104 - - 61 -
L code - 67 36 108 - - 62 -
XL code - - - - - - - -
2XL code - - - - - - - -
3XL code - - - - - - - -
faShion elements:
About 0.111kg
Raglan sleeves, three-dimensional stranded, hooded



Product attribute
Clothing door Sleeve
collar Hooded
Combination a piece
Commuting Simple
Fabric Cashmere
Ingredient content 71% (inclusive) -80% (inclusive)
Length Conventional
Listed year/season Winter of 2018
pattern Solid color
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Sleeve Type Raglan sleeve
Style Sleeve
style Commuting
thickness Thicken

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