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[Please refer to the size chart for the size of the purchase]

Product Name: [ZY158769VG] Practical Six Stars Beautiful Six Stars White White Gray Pink Full Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Fabric composition: 100% cashmere

Available colors: gray pink

Available sizes: S/36 M/38 L/40 XL/42

Product weight: S code about 340g ± 10g(YI is subject to natural tolerance due to factors such as cashmere batch, air humidity, etc., color, size)

Washing and maintenance:平铺晾晒/不可机洗/不可漂白/不可翻转干燥/低温水洗 /常规干洗

[笑涵阁]Brand---Editor: 02

Unlock the beautiful autumn and winter wear -Sweater

In the era of elitism, the pragmatic sweater has also entered our view in a fashionable way.

Wild, when we provide warmth for us, we also change the design, and the new elements create a more modern

Avant-garde style

High collar cashmere sweater

A popular online style, a lot of guests are looking for high collars in the cold, and in the coat and down, TE is not beautiful.

This high collar is always used by C.It does make sense, does not bind the neck, and the Philippine is often three-dimensional, with 浑

Thick and textured, let alone thisWithGrayscale pinkSo beautiful! With a slim fit, the hip skirt is a sense of level


-gray powder

Clean / refreshing / age reduction / whitening

Pink with a bit of gray, both popular and classic, with a high matching index, also has SHI foot

The literary atmosphere and retro feel! The overall body looks fresh and clean, and is very suitable for wearing in autumn and winter.

Not bloated, can make you stand out in the crowd!

-soft and luxurious extra cashmere -

High-grade yarn, reliable, high-quality fineness

Cashmere is what we call "soft gold" everyday. It is a layer of fine fluff in the tail of a goat's long hair.Quarter sheep

The velvet begins to grow and is used to withstand the cold. When the spring warms, it begins to fall off. Before the cashmere falls off,Farmers

The special iron comb collects cashmere, and the important factor determining the quality of cashmere is the length of the fiber.And fineness, long

The fine fibers produce a thicker pile, which is woven into a garment that is not easy to pilling and retains its shape.State, you can also wash more

it is good

-exquisite, outstanding but not exaggerated version -

Tibetan meat / slim / style

If the yarn determines its intrinsic quality, the version is its soul. Stylish atmosphere micro oversize style, wide

Pine is not loose, fashion has an attitude. But it is not an exaggeration, its own fashionable yarn has his style, with

onThree-dimensional fish scale weavingCompared with the same piece of jersey, it costs more, but the fashion is very high, but

It is three-dimensional but not abrupt, and the whole body is arranged in an orderly manner. The weave makes the strips more full and will not wear for a long time.

looseRelaxation. Create a sophisticated urban style with exquisite elegance and temperament. Visually not bloated, drooping

Feeling very good,The sweater with the contour is even thinner!

Full of lazy, profile designVery good for all body types, leisure age. Loose raglan sleeves

Very good to modify the shoulder line, the style that is not close to the body is very tolerant, the dynamic streamlined version of the single

Wear all ok, it can be said that the autumn and winter BI is ready! It has a sense of shape and fashion, and it is moderately fit and has a good texture.

High collar designIt's not the kind of tight wrapping, but a bit loose, more lazy. Warmth

It’s also very decorative, and it’s especially fashionable with a coat.

Version index Softness index
Slim fit
Moderately loose
Length index Elastic index
Short paragraph
Medium length
Extra long
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Please refer to the following product size comparison table to help you find the right size. Manual measurement of the tile size may directly differ from the actual size by 1-2cm. Please understand and know in advance, thank you! Unit: cm



size chart Shoulder width Sleeve Length Cuff bust waistline Hip circumference Length -
XS code - - - - - - - -
S code - 68 29 100 - - 58 -
M code - 69 30 104 - - 59 -
L code - 70 31 108 - - 60 -
XL code - - - - - - - -
2XL code - - - - - - -
Product attribute
Clothing door Sleeve
collar Boss
Combination a piece
Commuting Simple
Fabric Cashmere
Ingredient content above 95
Length Conventional
Listed year/season Winter of 2018
pattern Solid color
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Sleeve Type Raglan sleeve
Style Sleeve
style Commuting
thickness conventional

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