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Wind home soft shocking thick winter cash! Poisoned family velvet slim small black jeans

Item number:
25 26 27 28 29 30

72.1% cotton, 10% viscose, 16.4% polyester, 1.5% spandex (with binder)

Knitted layer: polyester fiber

Care :
1. Cold water alone and reverse hand washing, water temperature can not exceed 40 degrees
4. Low temperature ironing, ironing temperature can not exceed 110 degrees
5. Do not dry clean


Neri velvet.
Pre-sale / spot:
About pre-sale:

1, pre-sale delivery time will be based on the factory's production situation, there is a week or so of floating, please understand!

2, the system can not split the spot and booking orders, in order to order the delivery is convenient, we set up the pre-sales can only take one shot, the purpose is to avoid taking the spot goods together with the pre-sales, to the old girls Cause shopping troubles. You can only shoot one shot at a time. If you need to take more than one shot, please take it separately.


Washing materials such as silk cashmere wool have a risk of failure.The store does not accept any after-sales caused by the failure of washing.Please wash your clothes according to the washing instructions.

Elastic index
Super bomb

Code number Waist circumference (CM / city ruler) Hip circumference (CM / city ruler) Front length Rear length Thigh circumference Pants length
25 63CM/1.89 feet 77CM/2.31 feet 23.5 33.7 44 90
26 66CM/1.98 feet 80CM/2.4 feet twenty four 34.5 46 92
27 69CM/2.07 feet 83CM/2.49 feet twenty four.5 35.3 48 93
28 72CM/2.16 feet 86CM/2.58 feet 25 36.1 50 93.5
29 75CM/2.25 feet 89CM/2.67 feet 25.5 36.9 52 94
30 78CM/2.34 feet 92CM/2.76 feet 26 37.7 54 94.5
Note: The tile size reference, regardless of the elastic range, does not stretch, due to manual measurement, there is an error of 1-3 cm.
character Height/weight Body shape Shoulder width / bust / high waist / middle waist / hip circumference Usually tops Usually pants Try on the number of yards Try on feeling
Model 174/100 Even body, slightly thin 44/81/73/80/86.5 S 27 27 Suitable, photo effect
Xiao Ding 158/92 Small skeleton and thin legs 36/81/67/72/84 S 25 25 Mid-waist effect, slim, length to the ankle
Asian sister 162/92 Even body 37/82/67/70/86 S 26 26 Medium and low waist effect, waist and hip circumference are suitable, length to the ankle, slim style. Not tight boron.
Xiaoting 162/97 Evenly uniform, medium skeleton 38/84/69/72/86 S


26 Mid-waist effect, waist and hip circumference are suitable, length to the ankle, slim style. Not tight boron.
Xiao Yan 165/115 Even body, slightly larger skeleton 39/86/73/76/97 M 28 28 Mid-waist effect, waist and hip circumference are suitable, length to the ankle, slim style. Not tight boron.
Xiaoping 163/118 Uniform body shape, medium skeleton 39/90/77/78/98 L 28 28 Mid-waist effect, waist and hip circumference are suitable, length to the ankle, slim style. Not tight boron.
wind 168/120 More plump, slightly larger skeleton 39/92/78/82/96 L 29 29 Appropriate, comfortable, no pressure on the hips.

This set of direct personal clothes, hats and bags are also taken out of my closet.

It’s cold when it’s cold to work, and it’s beautiful.

wind家1028--2twenty four327.jpg

This position is used because the elasticity is too comfortable and there is a cow's bones.

This sweater is also my new favorite.
wind家1028--2twenty four314.jpg
A winter, high waist, with boots was thin.

Wear it with the lower part of the coat.

wind家1028--2twenty four311.jpg

wind家1028--2twenty four295.jpg
It is 3 times warmer than regular jeans.
wind家1028--2twenty four265.jpg
Will not feel bloated.
wind家1028--2twenty four289.jpg
90% can be used with your entire autumn and winter sweaters.
wind家1028--2twenty four285.jpg
The elasticity is comfortable, not loose and not tight, and can do all kinds of movements without tension.
wind家1028--2twenty four271.jpg
Soft shock word of mouth jeans series,

This category has to enter us!
wind家1028--2twenty four269.jpg
Liner plus fluff, warm autumn and winter models!

This pair of velvet jeans is just the right match for winter!

Double 11 囤 good goods.
wind家1028--2twenty four268.jpg

Exclusive pants with winter clothes.

The version is easy to wear, slim, who wears a good looking series.
wind家1028--2twenty four305.jpg
Feel free to do all kinds of jumping movements, stretch freely, comfortable and warm.
wind家1028--2twenty four326.jpg

wind家1028--2twenty four319.jpg

With a down coat, so handsome and handsome.
wind家1028--2twenty four264.jpg

wind家1028--2twenty four261.jpg
Put a little cloth into the waistband of the sweater, and instantly increase the proportion of the person's body, better looking.
wind家1028--2twenty four262.jpg

Windbreaker down is the new season of the cabinet, warm and stylish, handsome, everyone double 11 囤.

wind家1028--2twenty four133.jpg

With handsome boots, let the handsome more fierce.

wind家1028--2twenty four121.jpg
Good-looking and good-looking!
wind家1028--2twenty four112.jpg

With a variety of engineering boots, Chelsea boots are very sensational.
wind家1028--2twenty four098.jpg

158 prime lady's private service daily.

The upper body really can't see it is plus velvet, so thin.

Amateurs wear better looks and can better highlight clothes.
Special winter pants with boots.

Handsome, with boots must have this one!



Product attribute
colour Dark
Ingredient content 71% (inclusive) -80% (inclusive)
Pants length trousers
Style Pencil pants
thickness Thicken
Waist type High waist
Year season Winter of 2018

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