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Wind home expensive pure leather boots! Flat bottom knee soft lambskin high boots

货 号:
35 36 37 38 39 40
Sheep suede; insole lining: imported deer skin; inner inside of the shoe: elastic microfiber cloth; outer part of the shoe: sheepskin; sole: rubber sole
Care :
1. Professional shoe store care


Zips on the sides.
Pre-sale / spot:
About pre-sale:

1, pre-sale delivery time will be based on the factory's production situation, there is a week or so of floating, please understand!

2, the system can not split the spot and booking orders, in order to order the delivery is convenient, we set up the pre-sales can only take one shot, the purpose is to avoid taking the spot goods together with the pre-sales, to the old girls Cause shopping troubles. You can only shoot one shot at a time. If you need to take more than one shot, please take it separately.


Washing materials such as silk cashmere wool have a risk of failure.The store does not accept any after-sales caused by the failure of washing.Please wash your clothes according to the washing instructions.

Elastic index
Super bomb

Code number Inner length Corresponding foot length Rear height Sole width High
5.5/35 twenty three0 twenty two5 twenty one5 85 25
6/36 twenty three5 twenty three0 twenty two0 86 25
6.5/37 240 twenty three5 twenty two5 87 25
7/37.5 245 240 twenty three0 88 25
7.5/38 250 245 twenty three5 89 25
8/38.5 255 250 240 90 25
8.5/39 260 255 245 91 25
9/40 265


250 92 25
Note: For the tile size reference, the manual measurement of the tile size may directly exist with the actual size of 1-2CM error, please also understand and know in advance, unit: mm
character Foot length Foot width Foot circumference Normal yardage Try on the number of yards Foot feature Try on feeling
Xiaoli twenty two.7 8.7 twenty two 35/36 36 The foot surface is said to be shorter than the foot length of 36 yards, the forefoot is wide, and the instep is normal. The shoes are comfortable on the feet, the circumference is right, the upper feet are very temperament, and the length is on the thighs.
Xiao Ding twenty one.9 8.2 20 35 35 The foot surface is said to be a standard 35-foot type, and the instep is normal. The overall circumference is suitable, the shoes are stable and suitable, and the length is put on the thighs.
Xiaolan twenty two.5 8.1 twenty one 36 36 Feet type, no meat type, low instep The shoe size is right, the skinny feet are very good, the wild style can match all kinds of clothing.
Asian sister twenty three.4 8.7 twenty one.4 37 37 Feet are called, no heel, skinny feet The overall circumference is appropriate, and the thin feet are more delicate.
Xiao Yan twenty three.5 8.5 twenty one.8 36 36 Slender and thin feet, belonging to 36 yards and a half feet, low instep The overall circumference is comfortable and the feet are very delicate. Wild style
Xiaoping twenty two.5 9.6 twenty two 37 37 The feet are wide and the instep is normal. The overall circumference is suitable, and the instep is not high.
wind 24.3 9.5 twenty three 39 39 The heel has a heel and is a standard 39-yard foot. Fit the feet. Comfortable. 可以穿袜子,活动自如

Miss 163's private service wear

I have to say that this kind of sexy LOOK is a daily match with many young girls.
IMG_74twenty two.jpg

The long legs full of eyes are against the sky.


The lengthened boot length adjusts the proportion of the body as a whole, and the thickness is not high.

If you are considering this kind of boots, it is recommended to start with black, and you can understand the slimming function, which is your choice.


The side of the shoe has a zipper for easy wear and tear.


Khaki and our original color sweaters and coats are also very suitable



Product attribute
Boot name Fashion boots
Boot surface material Sheepskin (except sheep suede / lamb scorpion)
Heel height Low heel (1-3cm)
Help surface material Sheepskin (except sheep suede / lamb scorpion)
Inner material of the boot sheepskin
Listed year season Winter of 2018
Toe style Round head
Tube height Middle tube
Upper material sheepskin
With the bottom style flat

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