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Wind home milk yellow around the soft! Vintage twisted yak velvet warm micro temperament sweater

Item number:
50% wool, 50% yak
Care :
Please wash according to the washing requirements,
1. Cold water is gently hand-washed alone, and the water temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees.
2. Non-chlorine bleaching
3. Spread out and dry
4. Non-reversible drying
5. Low temperature ironing, ironing temperature can not exceed 110 degrees
6. Regular dry cleaning ( Do not machine wash and dry,Easy to make the wool and cashmere products felt,Causes shrinkage. Tips:牛/羊绒/毛衣物,轻微起球属于正常现象 请避开与硬物的摩擦)

Weight: 440 grams (different size weights are slightly different)


No lining.
About pre-sale:

1, pre-sale delivery time will be based on the factory's production situation, there is a week or so of floating, please understand!

2, the system can not split the spot and booking orders, in order to order the delivery is convenient, we set up the pre-sales can only take one shot, the purpose is to avoid taking the spot goods together with the pre-sales, to the old girls Cause shopping troubles. You can only shoot one shot at a time. If you need to take more than one shot, please take it separately.


Washing materials such as silk cashmere wool have a risk of failure.The store does not accept any after-sales caused by the failure of washing.Please wash your clothes according to the washing instructions.

Version index
Elastic index
Super bomb

Code number Shoulder width bust Sleeve Length Length
S 68 122 39 54
M 70 126 40 56
L 72 130 41 58
Note: The tile size reference, regardless of the elastic range, does not stretch, due to manual measurement, there is an error of 1-3 cm.
character Height/weight Body shape Shoulder width / bust / high waist / middle waist / hip circumference Usually tops Usually pants Try on the number of yards Try on feeling
Model 174/94 Even body, slightly thin 39/78/60/88 S 26 S Suitable, photo effect.
Xiao Ding 158/92 Small skeleton and thin legs 36/81/67/72/84 S 25 S Suitable, loose effect, length to hip, lining the skin.
Asian sister 162/92 Even body 37/82/67/70/86 S 26 S Suitable, loose effect, length to hip
Xiaoting 162/97 Evenly uniform, medium skeleton 38/84/69/72/86 S


S Suitable, loose effect, length to hip, close-fitting
Xiao Yan 165/115 Even body, slightly larger skeleton 39/86/73/76/97 M 28 M Suitable, loose effect, length to hip, collar height just right
Xiaoping 163/112 Uniform body shape, medium skeleton 39/88/73/76/96 M 28 M Suitable, loose effect, length to hip, fabric soft Confucian
Xiao Yuan 165/116 Fuller plump, medium skeleton, with lower abdomen 39/90/73/76/95 L 28 M Suitable, loose effect, length to hip
wind 168/120 More plump, slightly larger skeleton 39/92/78/82/96 L 29 L 合适,温暖不扎人

It’s really light up when you wear it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the thick and dull colors of autumn and winter are matched with this one.

Other people who are mediocre are immediately compared.

It will make your whole person full of warmth, sunshine and fashionable texture.


Shooting with light rain on a cloudy day, if there is a sun, at least 10 times better.

Gorgeous and beautiful, never forget. It is a gentle girl.

The large-scale skein of the whole body is not a cheesy fake dress.

Heavy work is complicated, and the twists are particularly beautiful.

More unique and unique than regular sweaters.

There are N kinds of weave on a piece of clothing.

A reddish, yellowish complexion can be magically whitened a few degrees.

It's hard to find a sweater that is more beautiful than him, and the texture is so exciting.

High-necked temperament, no neck, warm and stylish.

In various occasions, you don't want to wear it, you want a new style, and you want a new style.

Try this and it will light up your whole person's status!

Some items are responsible for the warmth of the atmosphere, and some are responsible for the surprise, he has both.

Paired with creamy white pure velvet cardigan, heavy and twisted inside and out, the wife is too warm and luxurious.

The set you wear is more than 90% of passers-by.

Well, you are a good-natured Miss You.

The twisted embossed texture is strong, and the object will be closer than this photo sample, and the texture is better.

Aunt 158 ​​Miss Sister personally wears,

This piece of her super love, mainly color, can not be bought in the mall.

The small profile is slim, well worn, with yak velvet harem pants, the overall color is warm and harmonious, warm and tune.

Everyone wears more beautiful everyday.
It is gentle, soft and wearable.

The soft velvet feel is comfortable and warm to wear on the body.

Well, with red lips, there is no doubt that you are drunk and bright in the crowd.

The version is very good, good to wear, slim, look good, light and easy to win
With a down jacket vest, it is also so beautiful.
Double 12 gives everyone a starting special, such a beautiful sweater, everyone oh.

wind家1028--226877.jpg 1128wind家21109.jpg










Product attribute
collar Boss
Combination a piece
Fabric wool
Fabric main material content 31% (inclusive) -50% (inclusive)
Length Conventional
Material wool
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
Style Sleeve
style Commuting
thickness Conventional
Year/season Winter of 2018

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