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Wind home, no, he is not complete, soft, warm, heavy, thick, thick, yak, wild, half-length skirt, QZ0659

Some of the items have been there, and each pair used to match him is no longer thin.

Some of the girls are good at the bottom, but they are used to being poisoned by high-rate items in the mall.

You try our venomous yak velvet series.

With this blessing, all your debuts are shrouded in a layer of solid warmth.

Anyway, there are very few people who are so expensive and expensive.

It can be worn as a trousers, length to the calf, and wrapped in a tight and sturdy manner.

The thickening of the craft, other people's skirts may not be useful, you are really a lie face.

For example, I have countless people in reading clothes. This skirt is also something I can see, and KEN is sure to enter.

And all the back hoodies, turtlenecks, and cardigans will become very holistic and immediately become a natural suit.

The suit is particularly popular this fall and winter. It is soft inside the coat and off the coat. This set is gentle and expensive.

And this time's micro-high collar sweater, plunged into a corner into the skirt, brighten the waistline, especially lazy and charming, dressed like this to go to work, want to say that you have no style, no personality is impossible.

The price is the price of the yarn we had in the morning.

The price is 6-7 fold of the current market price.

In other words, the same weight of yarn, the current market price is 1.3-1.4 times ours, only the first batch of the opening can have such a price, the subsequent increase in the price will increase.

If you want to keep warm, buy this series of sweaters is enough. If it is to match the color, warmth and beauty, then the skirt is to be harvested, the pure cashmere skirt, because of the weight and the cost, can not be so heavy and dense, but can not do heavy weight is not extravagant Not beautiful.

The guests who entered our poison house yak velvet series last year know that this series has beenIn short supply, spot seconds,

Word of mouth is so good,Because every piece of clothing has to be exported according to the law, one program is not saved.

And all the raw materials come from the limited amount of pure cashmere in the hands of herders, and the light color is the rare yield.

With the subtle French version and the soft hand feeling that can't be imitated outside, it has won the praise of tens of thousands of old girls.

The follow-up yak velvet yarn has nothing left. This year, it is very likely that there will be money if you can't buy cashmere. The price increase is not too big a problem. It is safe to leave the bag early, and the rest are warm and beautiful. It is.




Wind home, no, he is not complete, soft, warm, heavy, thick, yak, wild, half-length skirt

Item number:





50% yak wool, 50% wool

Washing water:

请按照洗标要求洗护, 请按照洗标要求洗护,
1. Hand wash gently, the water temperature can not exceed 40 degrees

2. Non-chlorine bleaching
3. Spread out and dry
4. Non-reversible drying
6. Conventional dry cleaning

(Tips: cow / cashmere / sweater, slight pilling is normal, please avoid friction with hard objects)

380 g (different color size weights are slightly different)

Pre-sale / spot:



Washing materials such as silk cashmere wool have a risk of failure.The store does not accept any after-sales caused by the failure of washing.Please wash your clothes according to the washing instructions.

Version index
Slim fit
Softness index
Elastic index
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Thickness index

Code number Waist (elastic and elastic) Hip circumference Skirt length
S 66-70 86 84
M 68-72 90 85
L 70-78 94 86
Note: The tile size reference, regardless of the elastic range, does not stretch, due to manual measurement, there is an error of 1-3 cm.
character Height/weight Body shape Shoulder width / three dimensions Usually tops Usually pants Try on the number of yards Try on feeling
Model 178/100 Even body, slightly thin 39/80/60/90 S 27 S Fit, photo effect
Xiao Yan 165/100 Even body 37/82/70/73/86 S 27 S Fitted, comfortable, waist tight, good effect, suitable for a variety of tops. Usually wear 27 pants can refer to S code, length to the lower leg
Xiao Ding 158/92 Small skeleton and thin legs 36/81/67/70/84 S 25 S Suitable for comfort, mid-waist effect, length to the lower leg
Xiaoting 162/97 Uniform body, medium skeleton 38/84/69/72/86 S 26 S Mid-waist effect, suitable, comfortable, close-fitting, not long, length down to the calf
Xiao Yan 165/115 Even body, slightly larger skeleton 39/86/73/76/97 M 28 M Comfortable fit, with a set of yak velvet high collar, beautiful, length to the lower leg
Xiaoping 163/118 Uniform body, medium skeleton 39/90/77/78/98 L 28 M Suitable, comfortable, mid-waist effect, length to the lower leg
wind 168/120 More plump, slightly larger skeleton 39/92/78/96 L 29 L Comfortable, flexible, and very good

Wild yaks in extremely cold regions, in the process of fighting the cold,A thick, dense undergrowth evolved near the skin.

Production is scarce,Natural, high heat efficiency, not only can resist wind and moisture.

In Europe, which is widely used in fashion knit design, this material is applied to the expensive high-end product line. A pure cashmere sweater is priced at 8,000 and a pure cashmere scarf is 3980.

Many guests marveled at why he was so thick and warm but not heavy, and he wore it warm and not tied.

It is because it contains pure velvet instead of bristles, which can be light and warm.

As long as there is a link to shoot, it is necessary to shoot one. It is always in short supply. A few products are locked by the old customers who know most of the goods. It is very difficult for new customers to take a spot.

The discerning guest is nothing to say.

When you think about the living environment, you know that the degree of cold that yaks have to face is not comparable to other animals.Moreover, the strength and toughness of pure yak velvet fiber is 1.5 times that of cashmere fiber. It has good toughness and good care. It is not easy to shrink after washing. It is easy to pilling without cashmere. My own full wardrobe is full of all kinds of texture. Yak velvet!



This skirt is versatile.

In fact, there is nothing to entangle, this is the welfare, can buy the first fa price is 10,000.

Don't worry about it, don't like it, don't buy it, don't buy it, don't like it.

The return rate of this series of yak velvet has been low in the whole store.

95% of the guests are not willing to take off, not willing to retreat, only hate their own hands can not buy.

Pair it with any yak velvet top!

It's really a core piece that can be paired with the entire collection.


Matching fit or loose, have different charms.

The key is to wrap your lower body, not at all cold.


Casual, but it looks like a valuable piece of cashmere.


Magnetic 糯 is thin, version is invincible!


It must be so long to look good, you wear the same, short "poor".





Half skirt must enter! Conscience advice hahawind家1001--236320.jpg


Even our piles of socks are coordinated...



The winter of others is a soil bun, and our winter is a high-grade color, a set of warmth and beauty.

It’s also beautiful with trousers, but it’s still better with a half skirt.

Product attribute
Contour H type
Ingredient content 31% (inclusive) -50% (inclusive)
Material wool
pattern Solid color
Skirt length Long skirt
style Commuting
Waist type Natural waist
Year season Fall 2017

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