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My goose down toast! Wind private clothes quilt wrapped in goose down hat warm fog down jacket

The royal foundry series, I received the quilt goose down jacket of my wardrobe without hesitation.

As soon as I put it on, I loved his fluffy, soft and fashionable atmosphere, and wanted to eliminate the down feathers that had been hardened before.

From then on, wear only the zero-decibel super warm white goose down!

Any goose down duvet that I have seen, tried, and hesitated in the mall, is foreign,
Wrapped and not swollen, each cell is so full and full, like a hot toast, as warm as the toast,
The whole piece of clothing worn on the body makes people warm and slightly warm, and the cold places are so warm that they can fall asleep.

The royal factory is straight out, and it is not tightly woven, even if it is worn with a sweater, it will not worry about the velvet.

There are no toxic households on the market for soft fabrics, which will not be soft and soft (and different materials for short silk satin series, anotherFabrics that are used all year round. )

If you don’t put yak velvet and down in this period, you can buy winter clothes elsewhere, and you will definitely spend more money in silver, so the short paragraph is long and down.

Two pieces, the price of one piece of the counter is less than one.

Really hidden channels, good things, no chao high jia than anywhere else!

:活动shou发特 毒家不撞衫


Wind home My goose down toast! Wind private clothes quilt wrapped in goose down hat warm fog down jacket

Item number:
Polyester fiber, lining: polyester fiber, filler: 90% goose down
Please wash according to the washing requirements,
1. Cold water is gently hand-washed alone, the water temperature can not exceed 30 degrees
3. Non-reversible drying

6. Alleviate dry cleaning.

The amount of cashmere: S: 190 grams, M: 200 grams, L: 210 grams, XL: 220 grams


The hat is not removable and has pockets on the 2 sides.
Pre-sale / spot:
Quasi-spot at the end of October
About pre-sale:

1, pre-sale delivery time will be based on the factory's production situation, there is a week or so of floating, please understand!

2, the system can not split the spot and booking orders, in order to order the delivery is convenient, we set up the pre-sales can only take one shot, the purpose is to avoid taking the spot goods together with the pre-sales, to the old girls Cause shopping troubles. You can only shoot one shot at a time. If you need to take more than one shot, please take it separately.


Washing materials such as silk cashmere wool have a risk of failure.The store does not accept any after-sales caused by the failure of washing.Please wash your clothes according to the washing instructions.

Version index
Slim fit
Softness index
Elastic index
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Thickness index

Code number Shoulder width bust Sleeve Length Length of clothing (post-middle length)
S 37.5 110 60 101
M 38.5 114 61 103
L 39.5 118 62 105
XL 40.5 122 63 107
Note: The tile size reference, regardless of the elastic range, does not stretch, due to manual measurement, there is an error of 1-3 cm.
character Height/weight Body shape Shoulder width / bust / high waist / middle waist / hip circumference Usually tops Usually pants Try on the number of yards Try on feeling
Model 178/100 Even body, slightly thin 39/80/60/90 S 27 S Suitable, photo effect
Xiao Ding 158/92 Small skeleton and thin legs 36/81/67/72/84 S 25 S Suitable, inner lining can be thick sweater, length on the calf
Asian sister 162/92 Even body 37/82/67/70/86 S 26 S Suitable, the inside can be thick sweater, the length to the calf, the length is just right, will not press the height
Xiaoting 162/97 Evenly uniform, medium skeleton 38/84/69/72/86 S


S Suitable, the inner lining can be thick sweater, the length is on the calf, and the color is lining the skin color.
Xiao Yan 165/115 Even body, slightly larger skeleton 39/86/73/76/97 M 28 M Suitable, the inside can be thick sweater, the length to the calf
Xiaoping 163/118 Uniform body shape, medium skeleton 39/90/77/78/98 L 28 M Suitable, the inside can be thick sweater, the length to the calf
wind 168/120 More plump, slightly larger skeleton 39/92/78/82/96 L 29 L Suitable and comfortable.

National testing standards for white goose down are allowed to have a small amount of dark down, which is unavoidable. Since the face cloth is a light-colored fabric, the mottled portion is more likely to appear than other colors. Strict implementation of brand standards, also supports any form of inspection, do not over-tangle details.

Fluffy soft clean white goose down, as warm as a duvet.

Put it on your body and go to sleep at any time.

The texture of the object is more beautiful than the picture. This piece of wind is sheltered from the wind and will accompany you every winter.

A fluffy goose down that gives you a sense of well-being!

The design feels good, so it looks so long and not bloated.

This kind of fashion is the atmosphere that can fight against time. The popularity is always fleeting. I recommend to everyone that it is against the popular classics.

It’s so beautiful to wear at any time!

Each plaid is full of fluff, and can be matched with sneakers and boots.

Whether it's open or buckled, it's natural.

The shoulder line is very clear, the slimming will not be strong, this is the difference from the ordinary down!

If the road to commuting is very hard, the winter morning is far away and cold.

Be sure to collect this one!

Only the pharmacy fabrics that can be supplied to us by the royal foundry are not LEVEL higher than the common down grades on the market.


Product attribute
Cashmere 90%
Clothing door Single-breasted
Clothing version Straight
Commuting Simple
Filler White goose down
Length Long section
Listed year season Winter of 2018
Sleeve Length Long sleeve
style Commuting
thickness conventional

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