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The silk is shiny and new, this design has been changed on the basis of the original.

The fabric continues the old super-smooth silk fabric as the inner lining.

This bra is a non-stop design modification combined with the current flow element and must be combined

The healthy and comfortable concept of our underwear,

It takes a month to meet with you. The stylish triangular cup design with adjustable shoulder straps.

Whether it is visual or comfortable, it is the top choice for MM.

Irresistible comfort! 100SILK lining with 100% high-grade silk

Silk lining Four advantages 100% soft Soft skin, slender and tough,

Can be woven into a low density, thin and selected fabric, cool without a sense of restraint, breathable and comfortable

Silk is a porous fiber with good wet and breathable properties. Comfortable and healthy

Moisture absorption and dehumidification, and less static is a good health fiber, live environmentally active dye

Use environmentally friendly printing and dyeing technology, free of persistent organic pollutants, no harmful chemicals

Size S M L

Color: Black Color Martha Grey Pink

S fit (70B 70C 75A) for bust: 70-87

M fit (75B 75C 70D 80A) for bust: 79-94

L fit (75D 80B 80C 85A) for bust: 86-101

! :)

Product attribute
Bra style Triangle Cup (bikini)
Buckle row Rear double row buckle
Cup style Triangle cup
Features Gather
Section number S1813
Shoulder strap style Multi shoulder strap
Suitable Middle-aged woman
With or without steel ring No rims

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