Brands 美女的大衣柜
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High-end homemade!
This is really painstaking, the fabric is customized to the third time to succeed~
It took more than four months to develop and it was very difficult.
I want to be exactly the same as the original one~ now I have done it~
The fabric is thrown in one batch, and it can be turned over. If it is finished, it will be gone.
For the windbreaker, the thicker fabric~ the texture is different from the ordinary windbreaker.
So it’s cumbersome to customize~ the design of the shoulder
Very thin, wearing a big boyfriend, the version of the counter is very large, and the XS is also very big.
So I changed it small~ The size now keeps the fashion
Asians wear and feel fit~
The color is very beautiful khaki, the kind of big brand sense~
This type of shoulder is cut. Once the belt is tied, it will appear immediately.
It’s very nice to see. I’m going to stay with RITA. It’s definitely not wrong~
A large sweater with a profile can be used, and this fabric is also wind-proof, and the season of wearing it is quite long~
This fabric has a thickness, so it is particularly difficult to step on the line. The Japanese factory here is not willing to pick up such an order. Because it is the peak season, it is sent to the sub-factory of Qingdao to do the fine work, the output is limited! :)

Product attribute
Ingredient content 31% (inclusive) -50% (inclusive)
Length conventional
pattern Solid color
style street
Suitable age 25-29 years old
Year season Autumn of 2018

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