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No trace of warmth, nourishing health

Less stitching, more picking

No seams

Because there is no trace, there is no suture

Because there is no trace, so simple
Because of simplicity, freedom
No restraint, more comfortable

360° body without binding

[selling point]

Squalene capsule, using negative pressure penetration technology,
Attaching the squalene microcapsules to the surface of the fiber,
When the water in the skin evaporates, the fiber reacts slowly with water and is released.
Form a natural protective film to nourish health, light and thin

【Analytical selling】

Triple skin care

Moisturizing health
Japanese Bayer Skin Care Technology Shark Microcapsules
Moisturizes skin, weak acid protective film

Light and thin
Austrian Lenzing Lightweight Fiber No Trace Technology
Comfortable and breathable, warm and light

Skin-friendly health
British COATS high quality Coats line
Strong and firm, delicate skin


Heat storage and warmth, moisture absorption and ventilation, slim high-elastic

[Efficacy Analysis]

Triple high elastic slim underwear

Heat storage and warmth
Innovative carbon brush fine sanding technology to form an air layer
Blocking the outside world and slowing heat loss

Moisture absorbing
Lanjing light and thin fiber fusion Japanese moisture absorption technology
Moisture transforms heat to keep skin hydrated and dry

Slim high-elastic
Seamless cuts are more versatile and fit the body curve
Triple high elasticity, fat and thin, long wear without tension

[Squalene analysis]

Squalene microcapsules skin protection barrier
Fast heating, soft and light
Smooth surface, inner layer sanding, no trace cutting

There is a weak acid protective film on the skin surface to prevent bacteria from multiplying on the skin, preventing excessive evaporation of water and maintaining skin health. When it comes to alkaline cleaning products, sweating for a long time will destroy the acid film of the skin.

MUMUAIN squalene thermal underwear contains squalene microcapsules. The negative pressure infiltration technique is used to attach the squalene microcapsules to the surface of the fiber. When the moisture in the skin evaporates, the fibers can react slowly with moisture. It is a skin protection barrier that forms a natural lock wet film to combat moisture loss and external damage. PH value 5.8, to help the skin need a weak acid protective film to protect health.

Made of Lenzing's light and thin fiber material, the refined sulfur process is more durable and durable, and it is not easy to pilling and prevent static electricity. Incorporating Japanese moisture absorption technology, the human body removes about 600 cc of water per day and converts it into heat to keep the skin warm. Soft and soft, but warm!

When the moisture in the skin evaporates, the fiber reacts with the water to release the natural moisturizing essence, thereby playing the multiple functions of locking moisture, moisturizing and curing!

Naturally locks the moisture factor, keeps the skin moisture content, makes the skin soft and smooth, reduces wrinkles, resists bacteria, and even acne is gone!


One cut, big body seamless
Reduce friction, bare experience

Active printing
Advanced technology, environmentally friendly dyes
Strong fixation and high color fastness

No sensation
Hot stamping LOGO, seamless label
Say goodbye to skin itching pain


Simple and generous, invisible, any match

Seamless design
Neckline/cuffs/clothes, no sutures

Boneless design
4-pin 6-line boneless stitching, no feeling more secure

Clothing design
Hot-pressed seaming, no curling, no loose edges, not easy to deform

Material: 45% combed cotton 45% viscose 10% spandex

Color: black, dark gray, skin color, purple

36 (M) code: height 155-165cm weight 90-120 kg
38 (L) code: height 160-170cm weight 110-150 kg

! :)

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Applicable gender Female
Section number F2487
style Simple
Suitable middle aged

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