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The wind home is very upright! Modified leg type elastic thickening winter slim thin trousers to feed KZ0403

Thin thighs, elongated calves, and long legs!

Sisters with a body fat rate of more than 18% are invited to this!

If you have a little bit of fat on your leg, you want to go out easily in a second.I’m afraid of being cold and want to wear leggings and skinny.

I want to run with small white shoes at any time, can yoga, can be shaped, not soft,

This piece is definitely a good feeling!

The stretch is big, the thick brushed, the version of the knife and the axe are as handsome as you can, you can't help but remember one thing every morning.

Thick winter pants, warm hair, the south can resist the cold winter.

According to your body, the north can wear trousers inside, and wearing thick trousers will not be fat, this is great!

Stretch in and get comfortable and strong, windproof and warm, and the wind can't be penetrated.

andIt won't fold, and it won't wrinkle for a long time.

The little girls inside said that they are good to wear, and the version is smooth.particularClam meat, straight legs.

This trousers have been left, and they have left two. I am wearing a micro-fat star like me. It’s super nice, I love it!

Keep all your fats firmly, from the lower abdomen to the lumps to the thighs!

It seems to be tailor-made, the thighs are tightened, the hips are corrected, and the calves are thin.

Whichever is accurate, the version is good! Everywhere is a proper fit.

Wearing a variety of boots, sneakers, flat shoes, Chelsea boots, all look temperament.

Matching cashmere sweaters, yak sweaters, bottoming shirts, sweaters, coats, jackets, silk shirts in the closet

This pair of trousers can stand up, match, and win.

In this issue,The trousers are in our shape and look good with all the sweaters.



The wind home is very upright! Modified leg type elastic thickening winter show slimming trousers

Item number:
26 27 28 29 30 31
3% spandex, 31.5% nylon, 27% polyester, 38.5% viscose
Please wash according to the washing requirements,
1. Cold water alone and gently hand wash
2. Not bleachable
3. Hang to dry
4. Medium temperature ironing, ironing temperature can not exceed 150 degrees
5. Do not dry clean
6. Non-reversible drying


No lining.
Pre-sale / spot:
About pre-sale:

1, pre-sale delivery time will be based on the factory's production situation, there is a week or so of floating, please understand!

2, the system can not split the spot and booking orders, in order to order the delivery is convenient, we set up the pre-sales can only take one shot, the purpose is to avoid taking the spot goods together with the pre-sales, to the old girls Cause shopping troubles. You can only shoot one shot at a time. If you need to take more than one shot, please take it separately.


Washing materials such as silk cashmere wool have a risk of failure.The store does not accept any after-sales caused by the failure of washing.Please wash your clothes according to the washing instructions.

Version index
Slim fit
Softness index
Elastic index
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Thickness index

Code number Waist circumference (CM / city ruler, elastic at the back waist) Hip circumference (CM / city ruler) Front length Rear length Thigh circumference Pants length
26 64-80 80CM/2.4 feet 25 34.5 46 97
27 68-84 84CM/2.52 feet 25.5 35 48 97.5
28 72-88 88CM/2.64 feet 26 35.5 50 98
29 76-92 92CM/2.76 feet 26.5 36 52 98.5
30 80-96 96CM/2.88 feet 27 36.5 54 99
31 84-100 100CM/3 feet 27.5 37 56 99.5
Note: The tile size reference, regardless of the elastic range, does not stretch, due to manual measurement, there is an error of 1-3 cm.
character Height/weight Body shape Shoulder width / bust / high waist / middle waist / hip circumference Usually tops Usually pants Try on the number of yards Try on feeling
Model 178/100 Even body, slightly thin 40/80/60/90 S 27 27 Suitable, photo effect
Xiao Ding 158/92 Small skeleton and thin legs 36/81/67/72/84 S 25 26 Mid-waist, waist and hip are even, the length is just mopping, need to match some shoes with high heels
Asian sister 162/92 Even body 37/82/67/70/86 S 26 27 Mid-waist, body effect, length to the ankle, no mopping
Xiaoting 162/97 Uniform body, medium skeleton 38/84/69/72/86 S


27 Mid-waist, body effect, length to the ankle, no mopping
Xiao Yang 160/104 Uniform body, medium skeleton, fleshy 39/85/72/79/93 S/M 28 28 Mid-waist, body effect, length to the ankle, wearing shoes without mopping
Xiao Yan 165/115 Even body, slightly larger skeleton 39/86/73/76/97 M 28 29 Mid-waist, body effect, length to ankle, elastic is not tight
Xiaoping 163/118 Uniform body shape, medium skeleton 39/90/77/78/98 L 28 29 Mid-waist, body effect, length to the ankle, wearing shoes without mopping, upper body comfort is very good
wind 168/120 More plump, slightly larger skeleton 39/92/78/82/96 L 29 30 The fit is comfortable and the thick pants are not swollen and do not wrinkle. Good to wear.


Product attribute
Ingredient content 31% (inclusive) -50% (inclusive)
Material Adhesive
Pants length trousers
Pants waist high Natural waist
thickness Thicken
Year season Winter of 2018

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