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Wind home has warmth on both legs! Out of Japan single cotton sense matte slim tights 5 kinds of thickness

Word-of-mouth items, orders from Japan, quality work is solid and rigorous.

The annual need for autumn and winter, the weather is cold, the legs can not be cold, the matte leggings are not evenly pressed,

There are options for different steps such as Southern Autumn/Northern Autumn/Northern Winter/Northern Deep Winter.

Any three (free to buy one or two do not participate in the package.)

99% of the leggings on the market are made of polyester fiber. The advantage of polyester fiber is that the elasticity is good, the material is stable, the washing is good, and the disadvantage is that the surface is very bright and bright, I think it is cheap. So I tried to find the kind of matt fabric that didn't shine in the factory. I stumbled upon this series of Japanese walking, which was just a low-key matte. It was very good for the taste of the Japanese market, and it was also very good for me! It is him who wants to wear it like a pair of socks, not like a trousers, it will not shine!

Signature word-of-mouth series, after three years, the old man asked me to find the warm leggings we had three years ago on Weibo, showing that good quality will give a deep impression to the people who wear him. Undertake a large number of industry-strength factories exporting orders from Japan and Russia. Compared with the general market leggings, the new products adopt the size of the leg-shaped head design (the traditional leggings are all about the general and thin practices), high-density matte The thread is waisted to protect the waist of the lower abdomen.

Especially suitable for the waist and cold, like me, who is not willing to wear the market low waist leggings

Body shaping, not two layers of skin, winter showers to go out wearing two layers of leather leggings, I know how to collapse. This is a set of pants, good to wear and not wrinkle; and the density is very good, thin and large legs, with a coat or a large sweater, no he certainly can't. I am looking for you for everyone, find the quality features and drunken leggings.

In the early autumn and winter in the north, the thickness of 280G is worn. The slim and slim will not have the feeling of cotton pants. Although the fluff is very warm, it looks like a thin legging.

In the winter without heating in the south or in the winter in the north, you can wear 400G. I am afraid that the cold star suggests to enter the 400G directly. Although it is estimated that there is a 280G in winter around Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it is enough to spend the winter, but I know that the north is cold and the waist and legs are really well cared for. For everyone to prepare the spot, which is not exactly the same, not the road goods, the poison house special.




Wind home has warmth on both legs! Out of Japan single cotton sense matte slim tights 4 kinds of thickness


Item number:





230 g / 280 g: outer layer of cotton, inner layer of super fine fluff

400 g / 500 g: outer layer of high-density nylon, inner layer of super soft fluff

2000D: 60% viscose, 30% polyester, 10% spandex

Washing water:

Please follow the washing instructions


2000D: 190 g, 230 g, 280 g, 400 g, 500 g: (±20 g).

Remarks: 230 g / 2000 D is a pantyhose style, 280 g / 400 g is a stepping style.
Pre-sale / spot:



Washing materials such as silk cashmere wool have a risk of failure.The store does not accept any after-sales caused by the failure of washing.Please wash your clothes according to the washing instructions.

Version index
Slim fit
Softness index
Elastic index
No bombs
elastic force
Super bomb
Thickness index

Code number Waist circumference (elastic elastic band) Hip circumference (elasticity) Pants length (elasticity)
230D one size (for 85-145) 46 50 94
280D one size (for 85-145) 46 60 91.5
400D one size (for 85-145) 60 60 95.5
2000D code (for 85-145) 50 52 98
Note: The tile size reference, regardless of the elastic range, does not stretch, due to manual measurement, there is an error of 1-3 cm.
character Height/weight Body shape Shoulder width / three dimensions Usually tops Usually pants Try on the number of yards Try on feeling
Xiao Yan 165/100 Even body 37/82/70/86 S 27 F Comfortable and not tight
Xiao Ding 158/92 Small skeleton and thin legs 36/81/67/88 S 26 F Fit, no obvious pressure, even elasticity
wind 168/120 More plump, slightly larger skeleton 39/92/78/96 L 29 F It has a lot of elasticity, it is very comfortable to wear, it won't be flustered, and there is no sense of burden when walking on it.



In the winter, the concave shape is prepared, no matter the cloak of the big coat with a loose wind, there is a small bird leg that tightens the slender bird.
Version: She is both a warm leggings and a high-elastic pressure pants. It has a shaping effect and can be worn to dance ballet.
High waist and waist, no curling, no loss.Wear the entire waist and hips to the navel eyes, warm and comfortable.











Don't look at small things, but also use enough minds, the general road goods do not have to buy us. One of the important factors of drunk is the fabric. Most of the market's leggings are bright, fake, and cheap. It is no different from the leggings worn by the mother-in-law. NO pass. We use high-density cotton blended anti-pilling, and high-density nylon anti-pilling. The color is low-key and the vision is even thinner. And the fabric is high-density and high-density fabric, which has large elasticity and good rebound. It is not easy to wear, and it can not afford the ball.
Stepping on the foot: The one-piece foot-foot design is high in wrapping and the foot is more comfortable. Foot layering treatment (most of the market's leggings are directly a piece of velvet treatment), the foot layer layering without velvet detail can make the ankle position not bloated, the line is clearer and slender

600g northern winter
Super Wu enemy is thick, 600g gets heavy in hand, Shenzhen weather is hot at a glance.... It takes a lot of courage to wear it, and the feeling of wrapping it in the stove is warm from the tip of the toe to the small belly. The sense is also more obvious and solid than the 400g, but overall it has a large elasticity, good rebound, plus the fabric is soft and not hard, it is very comfortable after wearing it slowly, even 600g you will not feel 压得慌。

The same waist treatment as 400g, there is a small arc to wrap the back belly here, a little belly will be hidden evenly, not warm, warm.

Thick and slender, even 600g is not bloated.

In addition to the weight of 600g, the other details are the same as 400g. 怕冷星人寒冬请自备2条。


Stepping on the foot: The one-piece foot-foot design is high in wrapping and the foot is more comfortable. Foot layering treatment (most of the market's leggings are directly a piece of velvet treatment), the foot layer layering without velvet detail can make the ankle position not bloated, the line is clearer and slender

The inner velvet is super dense.

Add 280g for early winter

In the early winter, it is enough to spend the winter in the south. Basically, the weather around 0° can be worn.

Stepping on the foot: One-piece design with the foot type is high, 280g is not thick, and the foot is a direct piece of velvet treatment.

300G water velvet pants

Outer erect cotton, fine and soft matte finish, not shiny, not slippery.
High waist and waist, waist and abdomen, with a slight pressure effect, the upper body is very thin. When we tried it on in a 26-degree air-conditioned room, it would be a little laborious for us to wear the shorts. But she has a very strong elasticity and rebounds well, so don’t worry when you try it on. Pull, it is very comfortable after it is completely worn, and it will not feel like Le.
The trousers are slender, slim, and of reasonable length. The wind of 168 will not be too short to run.
The buttocks are fixed with fine lines and are quite resistant to wear.

The lathes are neatly laid out, and the exquisite craftsmanship of the tight seams is differentiated.
There is also a difference in footstepping
Layered treatment of the foot (most of the market's leggings are directly treated with a piece of velvet), the details of the grading of the foot without velvet can make the ankle position not bloated, the lines are clearer and slender
300g of inner velvet is water velvet, which is finer and softer than normal suede, and feels very good.

Relatively 300g suede thickness is medium, if you mainly choose 400g in the north for warmth, and the demand of 300g suede is soft, comfortable, close to wear.
Although the suede is not long, it is delicate and soft. Winter in the South is not a problem at all.
The erect cotton matt is not shiny and slim.

400G super elastic smart waistband
Outer layer high density nylon anti-pilling, inner layer super soft dense fluff
400g waist design is great! V型加thick护腰收腹,不仅能把腰腹有点小赘肉都藏起来,腰腹整个包裹的非常好,上身感受更是暖暖的贴心。

For the legs we wear shorts all year round400gThe upper body of the pressure is more obvious. It will feel a little hard at first, but it has a very large elastic force and a good rebound. So don’t worry about pulling it slowly when you try it on. It is very comfortable after wearing it. The wind is 120 kg. I won’t feel it on the top, and I won’t feel flustered.

The waist detail, the curved edge can better disperse the pressure, the flesh and blood of the waist and abdomen are evenly wrapped, and the waist is thickened, and the marks are not pulled out.

High waist, three-dimensional hip circumference is strong.
The car line is dense and durable.

The 400g suede is very thick, tight and solid, and one foot is worn in like a step into the cotton pile.

The foot layer is layered (most of the market's leggings are directly treated with a piece of velvet). The details of the velvet layer on the foot can make the ankle position not bloated, and the ankle line is slimmer and thinner.

Product attribute
Applicable gender Female
Applicable season autumn
Double number 1 pair

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